Perfect Shine Premium 100ml

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  • This is the perfect high gloss finishing touch for latex clothing, our latex care polish also keeps your latex velvety soft and supple as it exudes a luxurious latex feeling with every touch.

    This Premium Latex Spray is made according to the special beGLOSS formula. Thanks to its specially formulated viscosity, it is much more effective and very easy to use.

    The Perfect Shine Premium Spray cares for your latex as it is simply sprayed on.

    The latex is polished to a mirror finish with our specially designed latex polishing cloth – The beGLOSS WIPE.

    It only takes a very minimal amount of Perfect SHINE Premium Spray bring out a gorgeous high gloss shine which makes it considerably more economical.

    We recommend pairing Perfect Shine Premium Spray with our beGLOSS Wipe latex polishing cloth to get a super glossy look immediately, which is dry to the touch and does not stick.

    It's magic!

    beGLOSS Perfect Shine Premium Spray is more effective and provides much faster results than other leading brands of latex polish.

    Perfect Shine Premium Spray also works great for chlorinated latex as its specially formulated mist will bring your latex to a perfect high gloss shine.

    Thanks to the very handy ergonomic hand pump spray head with perfect dosing nozzle, beGLOSS Perfect Shine Spray is very easy to spray on and buff to a mirror finish.

    Each beGLOSS bottle is hygienically sealed at the factory with a tamper-evident seal and is therefore protected against contamination and keeps each bottle leak free during transport.

    Special Features

    - beGLOSS Perfect Shine Premium Spray gives your latex a professional glossy look
    Excellent colour enhancing properties for brilliant latex
    - Cares for and protects latex clothing making it velvety and supple
    - dimethicones, cyclopentasiloxanes odour and preservative free
    - Effective protection against wear and harmful influences
    - No laborious dip required - simply spray on and buff to a brilliant shine
    Especially suitable for chlorinated latex
    - Child safety lock with leakage protection- Can be sprayed in any direction, including upside-down
    - Anti-static results and prevents sticking
    very economical – a little goes a long way
    Ideal in combination with the beGLOSS Wipe polishing cloth

    - Bottle is hygienically factory sealed with tamper-evident foil to protect against germs
    - Bottle sealed for leak-free transport

    Ingredients: dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane