Latex care

To get the most out of your Rubber55 latex clothing, it is recommended that you follow these guidelines:

Wearing Latex

Wearing In general latex clothes are designed to be tight-fitting. Therefore they can be difficult to put on without the aid of a lubricant. There are 2 main methods of preparing latex for wearing:

1. Lightly dust the inside of the garment with talc before putting on (There may be health implications with using talc and we personally recommend method 2).

2. Use a silicone-based lubricant such as 'BeGloss Easy Glide Premium', 'Eros Bodyglide' or 'Eros Cult Dressing Aid'. Apply a thin coating to the inside of the garment and your skin if necessary.

Rubber can easily be marked or torn with fingernails if excessive force is used when pulling on your garment. Make sure your garment is well lubricated or talced. You may also wish to wear a pair of light cotton gloves to avoid any damage.

When handling latex with bare hands make sure they are clean before coming into contact with your garment. Be aware that rubber can be stained permanently brown if in contact with copper, brass or bronze - take care with copper coins!

Never expose latex to essential oils.

Never expose your garment to naked flame and fire as rubber burns.

Polishing Your garment will have been delivered to you unshined.

To shine, we recommend you use a silicone based polish, such as 'Eros Bodyglide', 'Eros Cult Dressing Aid', or the 'BeGloss Perfect Shine Premium' we stock.

Never shine using furniture polish and avoid oil-based lubricants and creams as these destroy rubber. Do not rub the outer surface of your garment too hard, or with a rough cloth, as the glossy surface can be permanently scratched.



You can wash rubber garments in clean, warm water. Avoid detergents and soaps.

Always wipe away excess water with a soft towel and leave to dry flat or hung up to drip dry.

Rubber can be scratched if rubbed too hard, so be gentle.

Never tumble dry, dry clean or iron your garment. Storage Latex clothes are best stored hung up in a cupboard away from sources of heat, light (particularly bright sunlight and strong UV light which will degrade light coloured clothes), metals, oils, solvents, greases and fire. Avoid damp storage conditions.